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  • 國內出售微生物培養基的生產廠家|公司有哪些?




    商品化即用培養基廠家 日水生物


    號外~ 號外~

    Excuse me: what is |, the domestic manufacturer of microbial culture medium for sale?
    A: today, small editor teaches you how to choose a media production enterprise with good reputation, good service, good quality, good technology and good reputation.
    First, look at the strength of the manufacturer. The establishment time and qualification, see industry experience how, establish 3 years above manufacturer to have oneself of a set of process flow commonly, do not cause unnecessary trouble with the chaos.
    Technology, r&d, quality inspection and production personnel can be used to evaluate the quality of the company in terms of qualification, product quality, delivery period and after-sales service. This is the key point, after the cooperation product timely supply, technical answer questions, quality assurance and so on.
    Second, the reputation of an enterprise will be spread within a certain period of time, and the reputation of the manufacturer will be explored through peer or network public opinion, whether there are potential adverse factors.
    Third, communication. Through the company's business negotiation, exhibition and other personnel exchanges, from the details of the company's style of work; Enter the factory to review, observe the manufacturer's details.
    Fourth, look at market share and price. There is no cooperation with big brand customers, leading enterprises, and the market share is directly related to the product attributes (supply, quality, technical support...) after cooperation ). According to the Matthew effect, the better, you can see the strength of the business.
    It is believed that a qualified medium supplier can be selected from the above aspects.
    Outside ~ outside ~ outside
    In 2018, zui new microbial culture medium manufacturer recommended -- Qingdao rishui biotechnology co., LTD
    Reasons for ranking:
    1. There are more than 1500 kinds of products, and they are customized according to customers' requirements
    2. Professional technical personnel, advanced equipment and standardized plant, with short delivery period of high quality and spot supply
    3. Widely used in clinical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental monitoring, scientific research and other fields
    4. Good service, trial, production, r&d, preparation and return visit to provide comprehensive technical support
    5. The purchase price is favorable, leading the industry in affordable products
    6. Professional brand, manufacturer for 8 years, always strive to build a reputable sales platform
    7, is trustworthy supplier, successively with north China pharmaceutical, Harbin pharmaceutical group, the Yangtze river pharmaceutical, kunming pharmaceutical, koren, anti-lu group, xinhua pharmaceutical, northeast pharmaceuticals and other established long-term relations of cooperation.
    Recognize Qingdao rishui biotechnology - you are worthy of the trust of the production of finished media manufacturers!
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