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  • 揚子江藥業集團持續強化藥品企業質量意識保障消費者用藥安全




    本報訊 (李吟男)日前,揚子江藥業集團召開專題會議,組織集團及各子公司生產、質量、研發、供應部門負責人集中學習討論,貫徹黨中央、國務院關于****疫苗事件會議精神,傳達江蘇泰州市藥品安全監管會議精神,進一步提高藥品生產企業的質量意識。
    揚子江藥業 青島日水 圖
    Yangzi Pharmaceutical Group continues to strengthen quality awareness of pharmaceutical companies to protect consumers' medication safety
    A few days ago, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group held a special meeting to organize the leaders of the production, quality, research and development, and supply departments of the group and its subsidiaries to study and discuss, to implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council meeting on the ** vaccine incident, and to convey the spirit of the Jiangsu Taizhou Drug Safety Supervision Conference. Improve the quality awareness of pharmaceutical manufacturers.
    Liang Yuantai, assistant general manager of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, said that the **** vaccine incident exposed serious dereliction of duty in the implementation of drug safety by relevant units, especially the lack of reporting of information on major risks and inadequate emergency response. In this regard, the Party Central Committee and the State Council require that relevant laws and regulations be improved, the most stringent drug regulatory system be perfected, the whole chain of vaccine supervision and electronic traceability be improved, loopholes in supervision be plugged, domestic vaccine technology upgraded, and consumers'medication safety be effectively guaranteed.
    It is reported that after the ** vaccine incident, Taizhou City also held a meeting to further strengthen drug safety supervision. Wang Xuefeng, deputy mayor of Taizhou City, asked all departments to thoroughly investigate and rectify the hidden dangers of the source and regional risks of drug safety, strictly guard against and control the safety risks in all links of drug production and circulation from the source, ensure that the management responsibility is in place, supervise responsibility is in place, and deal with measures in place to ensure the safety of drug use by the people.
    Liang Hong, executive general manager of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group, pointed out that the manufacturing enterprises are the main body of drug quality responsibility, and the requirement for enterprises is to abide by the law and keep the moral bottom line. **** The vaccine incident has sounded an alarm bell for all pharmaceutical enterprises and drug regulatory authorities. It has once again proved that quality is the foundation of an enterprise. It is the promise of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group to control the whole cycle of drug production and ensure the safety, effectiveness and quality control of drugs. Liang Hong asked all departments of the group to further explore how to strengthen quality management and put forward specific improvement measures in the light of the forthcoming 40th "Quality Month" activity. In the 40th "Quality Month" activity acceptance, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group will organize a comprehensive inspection, especially on-site inspection, to ensure that all production links comply with the law.
    For a long time, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group has won a good reputation in the market by virtue of its high efficiency and high quality products, and won the awards of China Quality Award nomination, Global Excellent Performance Award, and quality benchmarking enterprises. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, Yangzijiang people never take it lightly, always reflect on their own dangers, always keep in mind the quality spirit of "no difficulty can knock us down, only quality", always practice the quality culture of "pharmaceutical for parents, pharmaceutical for relatives", adhere to the quality of zero defect, honest production, the development of the Group to ensure the driving force Escort.
    China National times
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