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  • 生產安全,人人有責










    6. 在實驗室特別是化學實驗室起火時,應事先作起火分析,并將實驗過程的各個系統隔開。





    Strengthen fire safety education, improve fire safety awareness
    1. In case of the main, eliminate fire hazards. Knowledge of all kinds of inflammable and explosive goods and fire control knowledge. Follow all fire protection rules.
    2. Suitable fire extinguishing materials, such as fire sand, asbestos cloth, blankets and various fire extinguishers, should be kept in the laboratory, passageway, etc. Fire sand should be kept dry.
    3. When electric wires and electrical equipment catch fire, the main power switch must be cut off first and then put out with carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher, and inform the power supply department in time. Do not use water or foam extinguishers to extinguish burning electrical and electrical appliances.
    4. When people's clothes catch fire, they immediately cover the person with blankets and other items to put out the fire, or if necessary, with water. But should not panic running, avoid making the air flow to the burning clothes, and increase the flame.
    5. When a fire occurs in a small or medium range during the heating of the sample or experiment, the flame shall be put out immediately with wet asbestos cloth or wet cleaning cloth, the power plug shall be removed, and the coal gas valve of the main electric lock shall be closed. When a solid (mostly organic) flammable liquid catches fire, it must not be doused with water. For larger fires, fire sand, foam or dry powder fire extinguishers should be used immediately. Precision apparatus fire, use carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher. Laboratory fire, not water.
    6. When a fire breaks out in a laboratory, especially in a chemical laboratory, an analysis of the fire should be made in advance and the various systems of the experimental process should be separated.

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